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Simple, grounded things to think about

for your business website:


1. Does the 'image' and feel of the site reflect what I think, and what I want others to think, about my business?


2. Is it easy to find an address, contact details and email address for my business?


3. Does the home page have a strong and clear 'call to action'? (Where to buy, where to phone, how to download my brochure?)


4. Is my web site secure? Is it built by a web developer or company I can trust, contact and make changes to when needed?


5. Can I see other sites my web supplier has built and is currently maintaining?


6. As my range of services and goods expand, can I make changes myself if needed? If not, can they be done cheaply in the future?


7. Who owns my domain?


8. How many webmail addresses can I have?


9. e-Commerce can be expensive and complicated to develop. Can my web developer show me other more cost effective solutions?


10. Does my web developer talk my language? is a small business web specialist developer, based in the North of England.


blueQuarter donates free web design, hosting and maintenance to start-ups in the Marham community.


Working together with SEC to give simple, effective and telling web presences to new businesses in our community.


Do I qualify?


Is your business a new idea, or a recently started enterprise?


Are your resident in the Airfield Ward or immediately adjacent to it?


Am I a subscriber to beans and using the services of SEC, your community charity?


If the answer to the three questions above is yes, then you do.


You can download a simple 'thinking about my website' booklet below.


It is to help you think about some of the elements necessary to build your new business web site.


You can download this helpful booklet here.

It is designed to assist you in thinking about a business web site, as well as giving our design team something to create your ideas around.


You can contact us at at any time for more support or help with our processes.


Send in your ideas and we'll respond as quickly as we can.