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Invoicing and

accounts tools

Free or low cost invoicing and accounts solutions:


You can find a wide variety of billing and customer tracking solutions online. We have included a few of the better ones below.


Billling Boss by Sage:


This is a simple online invoicing package, which enables you to raise invoices and allocate payments easily.


Whilst not a formal accounts package as such, the fact that it is supported by Sage means that your accountant should approve.


You can see how it works and supports multiple currencies too - go here for a short introductory film.





This online service offers a more comprehensive accounts suite. if you are a light user and not Vat registered, you can get started for as little as £5 per month.


The system allows you to process banking transactions, suppliers and customer, Vat reporting if required and to generate a range of business reports to help you understand your business development.


See more here...





This UK based online service offers a very comprehensive range of tools to help you track your business.


As a sole trader you can use the online system to generate data for Income Tax returns or to calculate VAT assessment.


See a short freeAgent online tour here...





This is a full accounting package for small business that is free and Open Source. You can download it here, available in Linux, Windows and Mac versions.


GnuCash renders double entry book keeping and is ideal for small business accounting.


You can read a fuller review of GnuCash on Wikipedia here.



(beans tip: Remember that managing your billing, goods received and personal finances is all part of running your small business responsibly, along with the marketing, making and deliveries.


Get organised early and keep clear simple records that you understand from the very beginning. Ask us for help if necessary.)

How and when to register for VAT

When to register for UK VATYou may have to register if your sales are over £73,000 for the last 12 months, otherwise you may be able to register voluntarily
How to register for VATApply for VAT registration online and download VAT registration forms from the HM Revenue & Customs website
Taking over a business and VAT registrationWhat you need to do when you buy a VAT-registered business as a going concern or when you buy the assets of a business
Group, division or joint venture VAT registrationRegister for VAT under different legal entities; what to do if you start a joint venture with an unrelated business
Appointing someone to deal with your VAT affairsA VAT agent such as an accountant can act on your behalf to register, file your VAT Returns and manage your VAT

This information is an abstract from Introduction to VAT by HMRC.

You can read the fuller entries here...