About secBEANS

beans is the enterprise development resource for SEC Limited.
We are a charity dedicated to developing community resources in Marham, Norfolk.
beans is our vehicle to stimulate local economic activity.

What is this ‘Beans‘ thing?
beans is a virtual network of people who are interested in starting an enterprise in our community, or who have already taken the first steps.

Our charity will also host meetings of beans members, so that they can talk to each other about their ideas, problems and opportunities for co-operation.

When you are thinking of starting an enterprise, you can’t talk enough. Is my idea sound, do I understand my market, what is an invoice, where do I go get advice about tax, banking, VAT and a host of other things?

beans as a group will support you through these issues. (Our formal advice comes only from properly qualified and insured advisers).

Network Meetings?
We’ll find a warm, inclusive, non-judgemental place to come together to do the talking thing (with childcare available whenever we can) and have some great coffee available too.

Our beans web pages can be a good place to start. Free software, free web sites, free information about the tools you need to run a business.

Learning never stops. If you have a craft skill, you may also need to understand accounts, graphic design or write that perfect mail shot. beans can deliver or signpost you to local resources.

What we do. If you have a question or want to join the group use the contact box above…we’ll be pleased to see you at a beans event!

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