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Profile or Page?
Facebook for enterprise…

Help on new media hereThe short answer to the above question for an enterprise, or any organisation that generates revenue for whatever reason, is Page!

Why should you care? Because Facebook users represent an audience of over 750 million potential clients or customers. Offering Facebook users, via their mobile devices, access to your community enterprise has got to have an influence on the sustainability and income levels of your organisation.

When you first dip your toe into the world of new media and inbound marketing it can all sound very ‘USA’ and jargon laden.

Do persevere, because your customers will, if offered lively, fresh and informative news about your enterprise on a mobile device, be one step closer to placing an order, paying for a service or booking that appointment.

Below is a download link to an easy guidebook (pdf file 1.8Mb) on getting started with Facebook, for your community enterprise. We didn’t produce it, it has been created by HubSpot, a new media company specialising in web marketing.

You can download this booklet in pdf format here.

It offers clearly laid out advice about getting started on Facebook for your community enterprise and how best to exploit the features of Facebook for your marketing efforts.

We liked it.

You can read more about HubSpot here. You do have to register to gain access to their informative materials, but they are always useful.

Why ethical community enterprise?

Below is a short film – delivered by Richard Wilkinson, who is co-author of the book The Spirit Level – talking about inequality and economic activity in communities.

For figures and chart fans there is much to enjoy, but if this is not your thing don’t be put off. Listen to the story – it stresses how important, as we believe at SEC, that ethical economic activity in communities can be.

Driving better health for children, better mental health for adults and improving social relations and human capital across a community.

Richard’s argument is that national income or factors of economic growth which we read in the national press or from central government are not, in the end, of essential importance to our human well being.

It is the nature of local economic activity, driving creativity, generating additional income and creating feelings of trust and community capital that will enable those communities to be both resilient and durable.

Great message!

Follow your heart, pivot with your instincts!

handsPic4The Independent Small Business Service recently ran an article entitled Follow Your Heart, featuring the experiences of Ronke Ige, the founder of Emi & Ben Skin Care Products.

The article highlights some of the great satisfactions that Inge has found running her own business, but also shines a light on some of the drivers for innovation and flexibility that really matter when you start, no matter what size your enterprise.

‘Focus on tasks that follow the money, rather than follow strict processes…’

Not crudely follow the money, as in only pursue cash as a driver for enterprise, but rather be prepared to pivot your business in directions that truly reflect your market or operating area – only truthfully understood once you have made or delivered something to a paying customer. Learn from every transaction and experience.

‘Be passionate, delegate and espouse trust…’

For us this is the heart of your transaction. Have faith in your product and service, but share that glow with others…even those who wouldn’t go into business in a century of opportunity. Nay-sayers wouldn’t go into business in the first place perhaps, but you have.

‘Branding is a pivotal part of any business…’

Absolutely, whatever your size, product or service. Make contact with someone who can do graphic design for you, or a photographer who can photograph your product or create a telling image to hang your business identity on. It will pay results…

You can read the fuller article on the web pages of The Independent here.

Why not join beans and talk to someone who can do just these things in your local area?

Pay your tax faster?

moneyTrollyPic2The tax man now accepts transfers using the Faster Payments process from your bank.

What this means is that you can now pay your tax liability and other commitments to HMRC via internet banking or telephone banking services.

You can find a complete list of HMRC liabilities that you can pay using Faster Payments here.

Traders and the self-employed should take care to ensure that they pay electronically into the appropriate HMRC bank account and use the relevant reference number for the payment. Read more here…

As always, if you already have a professional adviser or accountant supporting you do discuss this important change with them too!

secBEANS – supporting enterprise in your community

Welcome to the beansBLOG

This is the new blog for beans. 

An enterprise and community business initiative from the charity SEC Ltd. We work with members, partners and our volunteers to generate enterprise ideas and delivery – which add positively to the economic and social wellbeing of our community in Marham, Norfolk.

You can join beans here. A simple email sign on.

We’ll keep you updated as to the development of this free network, send you information about our events and keep you posted on business opportunities through our Directory, training opportunities and social events.

We need volunteers to co-ordinate the beans project. 

Do you have a view on the business usefulness of LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter? Can you write blog articles, or share you business knowledge with beans members?

Do you have a problem or query we can help solve? Our volunteer trustees and partners have huge amounts of experience business management, funding, practice and delivery.

beans and SEC, here to help if we can.

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