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About our charity

Sandringham Enterprise Centre Limited:


Our Charitable Company was created specifically to work in partnership with local community actors to develop the services being delivered in and around The Sandringham Centre, Marham, Norfolk.


This dedicated community building is intended to become the heart of our delivery to the community - with the development of community enterprise a strong theme in our work.

Useful SEC websites:


SEC home page

The web pages of the Sandringham Enterprise Centre.

Here you can see our practice, policies and people.

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The online news pages of SEC. You can subscribe for free regular updates from our blog. Look for the rss chicklet and get our news in Google Reader or your own newsreader software.


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Marham Community library

We donate and maintain the web pages for our local community library.

See the book, read the book. Great!

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Marham Money

Our thoughtful discussion on starting a LETS scheme in our community.

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secBEANS - this web site, supporting enterprise.



Online news and updates for free from the beans team.

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Our resources:


People are our greatest resource. The volunteers who help at our events, agree to accept the responsibility of being a trustee of our charity and everyone else who volunteers their time and energy to supporting our community activity.


We benefit from a strong team of professional volunteers, who offer their expertise across a wide range of experience - including childcare, governance, social enterprise development, community development, art and design, community finance, fund raising and event delivery.


Our work as a charity benefits from this volunteer input, as well as the resources and infrastructure donated to us by private sector companies.


Our trustees:


We currently have six trustees, drawn from this diverse pool of volunteers. Their career skills include being an artist,  a governance specialist, a community development practitioner, parents and as you would expect from our charitable location - serving members of the Royal Air Force.  We have members of both genders and multiple faiths and beliefs too.

The simple strapline - Ask SEC? - represents an important key plank of our charitable philosophy.


Our collected expertise and support is available to our community at no cost. You may have a need we have yet to identify, but with your help we can fundraise for a solution, engage with partners to provide new services or lobby for change on your behalf.


Ask SEC? - we're independent, charity minded and we care a lot about community outcomes.


Inclusive and non-judgemental, if we ever sound condescending or too do-goodish...tell us straight away!